Bobby 'Boxrite' Mayne



Bobby Mayne is the Head Coach at Boxrite Boxing Club and author of several boxing coaching books including the bestselling "The Art of Boxing: Your Guide to the Sweet Science".

Mayne has been involved in boxing since 1981. He has trained professional boxers such as Australian Daniel Dawson to compete at the world level, becoming a world contender and ultimately the WBF World Superwelterweight Champion.

He also assisted in the training of top boxers from the Philippines including Rey Megrino and Rey Loreto, who were both successful in winning their respective WBC Regional and WBO World Flyweight titles.




Bobby as an ambassador of Bee Firm NRG is a supporter of the Bee Firm NRG passion for a healthier and cleaner future. 


Bobby 'Boxrite' Mayne and Bee Firm NRG owner Ed Owen